Mongolian Preparations and the flurry beforehand…

Mongolian Preparations and the flurry beforehand…

Each day I wonder if I will ever be ‘ready’ for the seven weeks Mervyn and I are about to spend in Mongolia. It is as if there is life ‘before’ and ‘after’ Mongolian preparations.

Dealing with the myriad technology issues for the trip is also one of the most frustrating and seemingly strange things to be doing with thoughts of the remote place that is Mongolia. Having been before I am aware of how weird it feels to try to be up with the latest in gadgets to record one of the most simple of places. Here I am stressing about how to download a pdf file into my Ibooks so I will not have to carry travel books or other such things and will be able to read/write/record/photograph and note take on a glass sheet in the fields of one of the wildest of places on this earth. It seems strange. And yet; sitting beside many a felt ger in remote countryside Mongolia sits a satellite dish and watching more television channels than I have in Melbourne are local herdsman and their families; also connected to the world.

It reminds me of the last trip when we were able to show a man in the centre of Mongolia his ger, downloaded onto my iPhone and how excited he was to be able to move it around and look from space at the surrounding countryside and where the best hunting spots are.

And then the day we were travelling and pulled up to look at a historical marker again in what seemed like a remote place; and like a vision a sitting upon a horse rode into our view a young woman wearing a beautiful green dell.