Preparations continue

There are not many days to go now to finalise and refine the ‘packing’ of equipment, paintings, gifts and daily necessities for Mongolia. With such limited weight restrictions I can see we are up for some excess baggage, again.

Springtime in Mongolia; as romantic as is sounds is I expect a somewhat wild weather time. Taking note on my iPhone of the past few weeks I have been watching the temperature ossilate from well into the negatives; -12, -21 and rise to a high of 27 today: with another low at the end of this week of -6!! We speak of Melbourne weather in terms of the joke if you don’t like the weather just wait a few hours or days…I think Ulanbaataar can take the award. This week, 27 today and on Saturday when we arrive we can expect -6.

All of this makes packing a challenge as we need to cater for extreme cold and lovely hot days each week. As well as packing our sleeping bags for the Gobi and some painting materials we are carrying in our luggage two packs of paintings for two exhibitions; which we need to frame and stretch the canvas on arrival. My suitcase has all of the smaller works on paper with just enough room to pack a few clothes and the most important coffee pot! Last time I was sure I could buy a coffee pot ‘anywhere’ but I was sadly wrong. This time I will not need to forgo my morning coffee.

Never take anything for granted.

Togsoo, our Mongolian artist friend has found us an apartment in the same apartment block she lives. We will have two rooms, one to use as a studio in preparation of our exhibitions. We are pleased about this because with our limited very limited Mongolian language to be close to our friends will be terrific. Accommodation is not so easy to find I think at the best of times but at this time of year it is more difficult as the tourist season has not really begun. During the tourist season it is relatively simple to rent an apartment as many Mongolians head out to the countryside and set up a ger to live in for the next few months and many will during this time  rent out their apartment.