ELTHAM to Korea

I wondered if we would ever manage to get away from Eltham, and finally we did. My last class was Friday morning, hours before being driven out to the airport Hotel at. Tullamarine Melbourne. We thought it best to start our journey to Mongolia with an overnight at the hotel because we had to be up and in the airport early. After a lovely dinner with friends we retired only to be abruptly woken at 4.00am by an early morning call in unison with the set alarm clock.

Although our flight did not depart until 7.45am this was not too early: by the time we had checked our luggage in and paours he excess baggage on our exhibition packages of paintings, had an airport coffee and bun we reached our departure lounge at final call in time to board the plane.

It was a pleasant enough albeit cramped flight of 11 hours to Seoul. We had according to our confirmed bookings a good two hours to make connecting flight to Ulanbaatar. Not to be… Near Inchin airport we noticed on the TV screen no mention of our Flight number leaving Korea for UB.

Our flight had been cancelled: due to excessive wind and snow in Mongolia. Here we are now in a large room at the Hyatt as guests of Korean Airlines. It may also be the case we will be here tomorrow too if the weather does not improve somewhat. We have had to contact Togsoo by phone Skype And email to change our pick up arrangements. We were supposed to be in UB tonight.

Instead we ate a lovely complementary meal and a chat with a gentlemanforking in the gold mines in the Gobi Desert. He too was pleased enough with the delay as he said he would not have to work tomorrow.