Korea, Day Two

We should be spending our second night in Mongolia now. instead we are still guests of Korean air,s Hyatt hotel. Fortunately it is a lovely hotel with all the trimmings expected of a modern Hyatt; restaurants, pool, massage and Its very casino!

Apparently snow and wind is too severe for Korean air to fly into Mongolia, for the second day. This is as good a place to be held up as any. This morning we took a three hour tour into the nearby town, looked at a historic town exhibition of buildings of ancient traditional houses. They were interesting as they were build of stone held together with mud. Traditional ceramic pots, prayer rooms and stables were part of the collection of rooms. It was a bit touristy in a way, but gave an overview of how things may have been.

Next on the tour was not touristy. The downtown market. It was a holiday and so it was not so busy. Many stalls sold amazing colored dumplings and fried things. A woman selling fish kept cool by the slow spinning of a bamboo stick with bits of plastic attached to fan. Maybe it was to keep the flys away.

On the way to the market we took a ferry ride and passed by a very long bridge spanning the yellow sea and mud flats. When the sun comes up the sea goes out; we were told. The bridge was 23 kilometers long!!

Seagulls followed the ferry; encouraged by the feeding of prawn chips bought by the passengers and shared with the squaring birds. A bikey gang waited to embark on the ferry,as we arrived; all wild leather coats, bandanas and flashing red and blue lights like the police.

The route back to the hotel was via the long bridge on the yellow sea. What a stunning bridge it was to cross, long, refined and slick.

We gathered our bags checked out and took bus back to airport. No plane on departure board again. After a wait of an hour or so we were officially informed the flight was once again cancelled and we felt like old hands again. We knew exactly what counter to head for to get our transferred to the Hyatt and bus. So now I sit here in room 942 overlooking the airport and wonder what tomorrow will bring. I suspect we will be flying as the forecast is looking good for mongolia; just a light rain and temp of 15 .

The rain is coming this way instead!