Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

After two nights at the Hyatt in Korea we were finally given A boarding pass to fly to Ulaanbaatar.
And then it was a slim chance… We had for two days in a row checked out of Hyatt and taken airport bus to airport and at least second time see our flight actually register on the flight arrival departure screen. When airport announcement said gates were open for boarding we lined up with the Mongolians in anticipation of a late afternoon flight.

We were even standing at the gate with boarding pass in hand when another announcement came across that the flight was again in doubt due to the tumultuous weather. There are floods in china now just to add to the Asian weather pattern. Then moments later the gates opened again and we boarded flight KE 867A for Mongolia.

We could see snow in surrounding hills as approached Ulaanbaatar. Togsoo was at airport with Unench to drive us to our new home for next few weeks; the ground floor in her apartment building in district 11.

Today was spent running around with Unench through the traffics to try to buy more bits for camera, stock up on food and buy sim card for phone. Trouble is the Mongolian Mobicom sim card does not work with iPhone from outside Mongolia. Seems my phone is locked to OPTUS… And to change it would require buying a little thing to blue tooth the phone and this would cost about $180 dollars. It was cheaper to buy cheap iPhone and use the Mobicom card I purchase from woman who did not seem to understand this. We had to go to head office to try to use sim card.

We also stopped at art supplies shop and bought some oil pastels, beautiful brushes and more paper. I will only do gouache paintings, watercolor and pastel this trip.

We made some changes to the exhibition brochure Togsoo has been preparing.

Mongolia Ulaanbaatar does not seem to be much different since our last trip two years ago.