Ulaanbaatar May 20


We are back here at the Amsterdam cafe at 8.00pm. We have been walking aimlessly all day through the city visiting various locations such as the Natural History Museum. We saw this museum last visit two years ago and it was good to see the amazing dinasoeur bones again. The museum appears to be struggling with its upkeep and all of the exhibits seem as if they need attention. It is a pity as they hold such an amazing collection of animals. Excepting the fossils I thought it would be more helpful to have a zoo to see the animals live. Then again I would wonder what state the animals could be kept in when they’d re wild steppe creatures. It all seems unfair; the thought of creatures being shot for our viewing in the name or science or keeping wild animals in confines.

There is a exhibit of Mongolian man in space, complete with the suit he wore. Also a fine collection of minerals found in the Gobi and throughout Mongolia. Tourist shops can be found everywhere selling antiques, imitation antiques and beautiful traditional hats. Prices vary enormously for the same items across town.

Ulaanbaatar Monday 21 May

It is snowing outside. Yesterday the temperature was 30c. I am resting in my bed in the apartment because it the warmest place. Looking through the pink curtains, muddy glass and iron grill (our cage) I am watching snow fall. it is not heavy and every now and then the wind gusts and blows it sideways so it appears to be driven sideways. The forecast tomorrow is for more snow. Pity, as we were going to go to the country to meet a sharman tomorrow.

This morning Togsoo’s Mervyn and I went to meet Tugi at is office at Dragon Printing to organize the printing of my photographs for exhibition. The price is good in comparison to Australia, and the work will be completed tomorrow. I am impressed at the speed in which printing is done in Ulaanbaatar. Maybe not so impressed with other areas; traffiic especially.

After the printing we walked into the street where the fabric shops are. Several shops in a row selling silk and Chinese Mongolian fabrics and it is so beautiful I hardly know which way to look or where to begin. Totally seduced!! I had wanted Togsoo to take us to the black market for fabric stalls but she decided I should buy from city stores as the market is too grubby and dangerous for pick pockets and bag slashers. We did go two years ago and it was rather exciting; stall after stall of cloth and antiques as well as day to day needs. At the back of the market I remember set out upon the ground rows of Mongolian saddles – Made from wood and brightly coloured mostly in traditional orange and blue patterns.