Desert Sharing II Opening at the History Museum UB Monglia



The exhibition was a great success tonight. We had all of the ceremony Mongolian Exhibitions present. The labels were finally translated and printed a couple of hours before the opening and the last thing before people arrived was the timber floors were washed and polished. Once the official museum closing time has passed out came the carpet for the foyer outside the gallery and a red tape with blue rosettes was placed at the gallery rooms entrance. My video was playing on the tv outside of the gallery, images from wild places from the Antarctic, Australian dirt to the arctic, Norway and Mongolia. Guests began to arrive and speeches made. I gave a small talk about our Project of Desert Sharing and how I met Tugsoo in Australia, our travels together into the Flinders Ranges and later Mongolia and our continued friendship and Desert Sharing project. After each sentence I had to stop while the assistant director translated my words into Mongolian. Unfortunately the director of the museum, J. Saarul is in hospital and was unable to come. He is very worried about missing our show. It all went smoothly, lots of photos taken and people were interested in our work and the way we perceived Mongolia. We had many invitations to people’s homes and another gallery.

No photos to post as I was too busy talking. Later, I may be able to post pics, one on the Australian girls assisting the museum took photos with my camera.