History Museum Ulaanbaatar




Quiet today today. We rested this morning after the big opening celebrations last night. Prepared a box to take to the local post office to send home. It cost 17,000.00tg a kilo to send to Australia by post, that is about $12.00 Australian dollars. Cheap in comparison to $40 in excess baggage at the airport.

After lunch with Tugsoo in her apartment and pizza prepared by daughter in law we headed back to gallery to stay with exhibits for a while. There was a small celebration and flag ceremony in our gallery with a presentation of Mongolian flag that had been to the arctic.

I have also posted some more photographs from last and some of the exquisite costumes held in the museum collection. The history of Mongolian in costume is wonderful, particularly the collections of ancient jewelry worn by men and women. Much has an early Turkish influence.

There is a great interest in my silk work in the exhibition. I sold another piece of silk today. There have been artists using the technique of making marbling like efforts on silk but not true painting as I have been doing. It has been accepted even by the established men artists as something new.