There is only one month left of our time in Mongolia and we are yet to get to the Gobi Desert. We have spent far too much time in Ulaanbaatar this time, I think. It has been interesting to get to know the place a little better, but at the same time there is only so much broken pavement we need to experience. To dampen our spirits a little after a lovely day of hair cutting celebrations with wonderful friends we were spat at from a passing caR as we were attempting to cross the road. This is now the second affront we have experienced in a couple of days. The first being the assault in the Ger town and this just near the Ghenggis Khan hotel.I suppose Mervyn and I were alone and not in the company of our Mongolian friends. We have heard that everything has changed and that we are not the flavor of the month anymore. It’s people from our Nations that are coming into Mongolian to rape and pillage minerals and the amount of change that is visible in the building of apartments is staggering.






There is only o…