June 28, 2012 Election Day in Ulaanbaatar

It is election day today and all is quiet.the streets are empty as people have left town and the day is a perfect sunny day. Shoa and businesses are closed. It’s an election holiday in this town.

It has been suggested that Western tourists and US nationals stay at home.there is always the possibility of an election riot as wa held in the streets at the last election when the people were not happy and set fire to government buildings.

We decided to keep our date with the TV station that wanted to interview us with our exhibition so enjoyed the clear taxi run into the gallery. A few people came I the see our show but not so many as it was expected to be shut.

TV came and it will be aired tonight. Don’t know when the previous two tv interview went to air as we have been busy.

After gallery took a drive to forest overlooking UB. Too much development on land that is supposed to be national park. Extraordinary how it could happen. It has been blatant political scallywagging and nw the development has begun will be impossible to stop.

Apparently many politicians believe there is no need for national park here anymore. It has been here for 400 years, one of the first in the world. With modern Ulaanbaatar things are changing rapidly. We saw many family groups enjoying a picnic and the summer sun. A large ger camp was almost another blot on the landscape as it seemed to not care about the rubbish it had laying around or the state of the gers.

A fantastic view across ger living to the multistory apartment blocks in the city valley and surrounding hills. Did not take any phone pics and will have to wait until I download pics back in Eltham.

It Should be common sene to keep this forest for the people to enjoy. The chaos and pollution of the city below the mountain can be relieved momentarily in the green forest.

There are wolves and bears and all manner of wild animals here. We spotted many summer flowers and flowers that we grown in our own suburban gardens in Australia. All this naturally in the wild in Mongolia.

Will await any election drama... For me I don't sense a thing... Just an ongoing frustration with the way things are. Perhaps in am not mixing in the right circles here. And for that, I am glad.