Two more sleeps until we leave for Timor Leste, and still packing.

And tonight Ian has rung to ask us if we could fit computers and sewing machines into our luggage as they have been donated to the orphanage. It’s hard enough fitting our camera gear, art materials, anti-maleria meds and battery chargers below the baggage weight.

I am ticking off items on my many lists and before bed tonight should be pretty much under control. Mervyn has to pack heavy boots too – working on the building sites and I am supposed to have boots to film on the site – and at 30c and humid … I am packing a few mosquito coils, lots of rid and sunscreen.  We begin taking Doxycycline antibiotic medication tomorrow to help prevent malaria. We need to take it for four weeks on return. I guess we will be new blood for the mosquito. How do the local become immune? I would have thought once bitten by a malaria carrying mosquito was once too often.

Today we bought extra art materials to share with the children at the orphanage.